What we do

CELEC DE COLOMBIA S.A.S. is a company dedicated to developing solutions in grounding systems, through the application of the most advanced engineering concepts and the manufacture of materials that meet the highest standards worldwide.


What we want to be in the future

CELEC DE COLOMBIA S.A.S. by the year 2023 it will consolidate as the leading company in Colombia, North, Central and South America in the development, manufacture and marketing of conductive cements for solution in the grounding systems.

Quality Policy

CELEC DE COLOMBIA S.A.S. is a manufacturer, marketer of conductive concretes and systems designer of grounding, offering its customers products and services developed under technical criteria that guarantee their quality and efficiency, delivering timely designs and orders, supported by a qualified human resource, committed to the compliance with the applicable legal requirements and with the continuous improvement of the quality management system, in order to reach the final objetive of satisfying the client.

Through the application of the most advanced geometries in earthing and use of CELEC® conductive cement which meets the requirements of Ontario Regulation 558/00 (EPA equivalent) and IEC 62561-7, with lightning wave tests of 8/20 µs and resistance to Corrosion (copper and steel), delivering a high quality product in this way efficiently achieves the construction and protection of these systems (Spt).


Sales line: +1 (704) 615 0527, FL, USA

CELEC DE COLOMBIA S.A.S. - Bucaramanga, Colombia