It is an electrically conductive cement for grounding (earthing) with an appearance end similar to concrete accomplished through special dosing.


  • Free of electrical maintenance
  • Low inductance
  • Low DC resistance
  • Low impedance complex
  • Resistivity: 0.048Ω * m
  • Presents the strength of a mortar
  • Works in dry state
  • Gray powder fine granulometry
  • PH: 10.9 – 12.1
  • Density: 1.2 – 1.86 g/cm3.
  • Presentation: Celec® is available in 25 kg bags.
  • Accomplished Standar IEC 62561-7
  • This Product Accomplished Ontario Regulation Standar 558/00

Its formulation allows the compressive strength and flexural permanent ensure intimate contact between the cable and coatings producing an artificial increase of the cross section of the conductor, which, added to its excellent electrical conductivity makes it ideal for use in areas of high resistivity.


  • Lightning type current: Reach density 120KA/m2 without changing its resistance. (With standard wave 8/20 μseg, IEEE)
  • Copper Corrosion: Up 169 year’s electrode duration.
  • Corrosion of steel: Up to 23 years of life of the electrodes.
  • Non-polluting leachate.


This Product Accomplished Ontario Regulation Standar 558/00

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