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    Conductive concrete for grounding

    We specialize in grounding systems for transmission lines
    and distribution networks in both the electrical and oil & gas sectors.

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Grounding systems acquire great relevance in the field of electrical engineering and other fields because they are the ones that guarantee the protection of people and equipment used.

Having a low resistance value in the ground connection improves the performance of the same by raising the level of safety and reliability, for this reason, it is necessary to explore the practices tending to decrease the value of the resistance of grounding, increase the life of the electrodes on land, and prevent theft, all within a technical and economic balance, the most important being the protection of human life. Because of this CELEC DE COLOMBIA S.A.S., produces and markets the conductive concrete Celec®. With features and quality at the same level of internationally recognized brands, with professional technology and high quality raw materials.


This Product Accomplished Ontario Regulation Standar 558/00
This Product Accomplished Ontario Regulation Standar 558/00

International Standard

Lightning protection system components (LPSC) – Part 7: Requirements for earthing enhancing compounds IEC 62561-7

Unique worldwide with 8/20 µs current waveform tests (IEEE)

8/20 us current waveform

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