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    Conductive concrete for grounding

    We specialize in grounding systems for transmission lines
    and distribution networks in both the electrical and oil & gas sectors.

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At Celec de Colombia SAS, we are committed not only in the development of grounding system improvement materials, but also in the measurement of soil characteristics, and in the design and evaluation of the best geometry for the transmission lines and substations sector. Our permanent research with the best laboratories in the country, allow us to present high impact materials and so we have investigated with materials such as carbon nanotubes and copper oxide nanoparticles. We have certified equipment (telurometers) to measure resistivities. Our experience of more than 21 years and more than 4,000 grounding systems installed, assures us the most important worldwide know-how. Not only do we develop with licensed software the corresponding designs, delivering drawings in AutoCAD, quantities in Excel, and the corresponding calculation memories, but we also develop taking into account compliance with touch, step and transferred voltages. Furthermore, we take into account - in the case of groundbeds - their critical lengths and the so-called critical volumes in the spt's.

Thus, our additional services are:

  • Grounding system design, under norms and standards (NEC- 2002 IEEE std 80-2013, Retie, NTC 2050-250).

  • Consulting and auditing.

  • Ground resistivity measurements, grounding resistance.

  • Systematized analysis of soil resistivity.

  • Bonding (equipotentialization) through the so-called Transient Earth Clamp.

  • Selection of appropriate conductors.

A frequent mistake by which companies lose their investments in a maximum of two years, is the use of 3/8" galvanized steel conductors, which are neither designed nor built for direct burial. Two types are known in Colombia, which are the A and B types. These are designed as templetes or guard cables. In the case of burying these cables, their corrosion is very accelerated and to this is added the exothermic welding splices, which destroy the zinc layer, producing a corrosion point that initiates the process of destruction of the cable. To avoid this, it would be necessary to reconstruct this layer with conductive paint and resin coat this point.

Our recommendation is the use of Copperweld cables (USA), which with Ecoterra® conductive concrete, have a life of 111 years wet and 181 years dry, which guarantees an excellent durability of the spt. This new conductive concrete is a material for marine and oil environments and can be used as a backfill in cathodic protection systems. It has been tested with IEEE 8/20 µsec lightning current.


This Product Accomplished Ontario Regulation Standar 558/00
This Product Accomplished Ontario Regulation Standar 558/00

International Standard

Lightning protection system components (LPSC) – Part 7: Requirements for earthing enhancing compounds IEC 62561-7

Unique worldwide with 8/20 µs current waveform tests (IEEE)

8/20 us current waveform

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